Never Apologizing, Never Conforming™

Located in Sunny Miami, Kalani + Wolf is a Queer Afro-Latina-owned sustainable fashion brand. Our entire collection is locally handcrafted from high-end vegan dead-stock fabric.

A Conversation With Queer Afro-Latina Designer Joanis Duran

"For the queer designer, Joanis Duran, fashion is a love affair she has nurtured for years; she was drawn to all of its permutations — from the way the pieces were created to the people behind the craft. But once she entered the world where fabric and texture are the reigning queens, she realized two key factors were missing: sustainability and authenticity." - Senior Editor Guisell Gomez

Read the full interview by BeLatinaNews.


Pride is a year long for our community, that's why we've launched our exclusive Love Wins earring collection. Handcrafted from lightweight polymer clay in our beautiful rainbow colors.

Gift them to yourself or your loved ones.

Zero Waste Production

At Kalani and Wolf, we've teamed up with Marimole, a woman owned recycling organization, After gathering, all of our remnants and repurpose into eye catchy accessories.  The remaining cut-offs are turned into new threads! We believe in closing the loop by recycling  and upcycling every scrap.

Body Positive
Zero Body Shaming

We pride ourselves in celebrating women and all their glory by providing a platform that promotes shameless self-lovebody confidence and sexiness. Kalani + Wolf welcomes all body types and complexions - one which mirrors our communities.

Expression of individuality and authenticity is kind of a big deal around here. Beauty is multi-dimensional regardless of size, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities or skin color.

Waste Isn't Waste

Our design team sources excess fabric discarded by high-end fashion houses
located in the US. We bring to life what once was considered waste
without exploitative practices

As we strive to create small batches timeless pieces, our value will remain true to sustainable practices to honor our Mother Earth.

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