The fashion industry accounts for one of the biggest contributors to global warming. Fast fashion is responsible to producing millions of tons of waste, nearly 10% of the greenhouses gases* is accounted for, over 10.5 million tons* of post consumer waste ends up in landfills in the US alone and 12.8 million tons* of discarded fabric which goes unused by fashion brands. Keep in mind, from the produced fabric an extra 10% is unused and thrown away by fashion brands* per collection. That's a s*** load of fabric especially when some brands have up to 52 seasons in a year*. Fast fashion brands are only interested in high profits no matter the risks.

Animal cruelty* in the fashion industry is volatile, brutal and inhumane. The leather, wool and feather industry has  zero disregard to the mental state that their employees undergo when plucking ducks, skinning alligators, sheering wool from sheep or any living mammals. The conditions are deplorable where it's nearly impossible any guarantee that companies are being honest when it comes to their animals welfare. Furthermore, the leather industry utilizes high volume of dangerous chemicals to process leather*. In 2003, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention the leather tanneries had the highest of carcinogens where employees were exposed, their health has deteriorated due to constant exposure and mortality rate increased*. Due to the demand of animal activists and consumers who've decided to educate themselves, many fashion brands are no longer using leather or any animal by products to produce their garments.  Brands who are using animal skin or by products its considered to be the lowest grade of fabric.

At Kalani and Wolf we decided to make a fashion revolution to utilize discarded USA based designer fabrics that are either discarded or left behind at the sewing table.  We prefer quality over profit, exclusive designs and handcrafted in small batches. It takes about a month to design, source the fabric and produce our accessories  in sunny Miami, FL.  We say NO to animal leather, wool, silk, etc., their skin belongs to them. The other fabric we use is post-consumer denim waste, to prevent it from polluting our landfills, oceans or incinerated. Creating a sophisticated vegan street fashion brand shouldn't come at the cost of our environment, deprive any animals from their right of prosperity and enjoyment of life for our gain. 

Photo credit @fab_scrap