Founder, Joanis Duran was born in the exotic island of Dominican Republic and raised in South Florida. She is a proud Afro-Latina entrepreneur who had enough of dishonest and unethical practices within fashion.  

Her ten years in the industry inspired her to create Kalani + Wolf, a sustainable and ethical brand that favours diversity, inclusivity and equality.

Our founder, Joanis Duran’ was born in what is to be considered the world most exotic island in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic. Stemming from Black and Latinx roots, Joanis was raised in south but never forgetting where she was cultivated. She has made one of her mission in life to bring awareness of what reality is behind the fashion industry filled with facades, unethical and dishonest practices.  Her tenure of over 10 years in this industry, inspired her to pursue a brand that not only is sustainable and ethical but favours diversity, inclusivity, and equality. This brand is what is now know as: Kalani & Wolf.